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We handle each appointment as an individual project

We start by developing a clear understanding of your needs, your organisation and its culture. We discuss the structure of your organisation, the scope of the position we are placing and your vision of the role in the future. Our goal is always to ensure that the successful candidate fits in both experience and personality – we are not a square peg, round hole organisation!

To select candidates, our consultants and resourcing team conduct a thorough market analysis. We identify and recruit the best candidates – not simply the most available.

We use all resources possible to bring the market to you, including actively mapping and headhunting, online advertising and targeted campaign projects, networking & utilising leads and referrals. We will provide assistance and guidance throughout the process, maintaining contact and advising on the structure of offers to ensure that packages are acceptable to both parties.

The breadth and depth of our market research and our extensive knowledge of the marketplace, gives you the confidence you deserve to be sure you are making excellent hiring decisions.

The key factors for our success with you

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We work closely with a select group of clients with whom we are totally transparent with.

Our consultants handle each step of the search process personally. The consultant you retain to assist with your appointment will walk you through every step of the process, from sharpening your job description and defining the “ideal” candidate, to successfully negotiating the final details of a mutually beneficial employment agreement