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Who we are.

Your trusted partner in talent acquisition. We specialise in connecting top talent with leading companies, driving success in the financial services and insurance industries.


we’re mbf.

We’re a leading recruitment agency specialising in the financial services and insurance sectors across the United Kingdom. With our deep industry expertise, we excel in connecting top talent with leading companies across various areas, including wealth management, insurance, asset management and more.

What sets us apart in our commitment to delivering exceptional results? We combine proven recruitment methods with cutting-edge AI integration to enhance our efficiency and effectiveness. By harnessing the power of both tradition and innovation, we ensure a seamless and successful recruitment process.

Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of our clients and candidates, enabling us to make tailored matches that drive mutual success.


our approach.

At mbf, our mission is to establish ourselves as a trusted and transparent partner, catering to all your professional recruiting requirements. We are dedicated to delivering a genuinely honest service, building long-lasting relationships with our clients, candidates, and associates.

With a commitment to sophistication, dependability, and trustworthiness, we position ourselves as your trustworthy partner for all recruitment solutions.

expertise matters.

We make it simple

At mbf, we believe in simplicity. Our streamlined processes and user-friendly approach ensure a hassle-free experience for both clients and candidates. From seamless communication to straightforward procedures, we simplify the recruitment journey, making it easier to connect the right talent with the right opportunities. With us, you can expect a straightforward and efficient process that saves you time and energy, ultimately leading to successful outcomes.

The candidate journey

At mbf, we are more than just a placement agency. We are your dedicated guides, supporting you through every step of the recruitment journey. From initial application to resignation and start date, we provide expert advice, ensuring you feel confident and prepared at each stage. Our commitment is to be your trusted partner, offering guidance and assistance to help you navigate the process seamlessly, leading to successful career transitions.

As a talent partner, we leverage a unique blend of traditional methods and cutting-edge AI to deliver optimal outcomes for both candidates and clients.

Our approach combines the time-tested techniques of recruitment with the power of AI integration, ensuring superior results in matching top talent with the right opportunities.

By embracing innovation while honouring proven practices, we provide exceptional solutions that drive success for all stakeholders involved.

Our Sectors

our history.

Established in 2012 with a vision for excellence, mbf has been a trusted name in the industry since its founding.

Over the years, we have developed into a leading recruitment agency, renowned for our expertise in the financial services and insurance sectors.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional results, coupled with our deep industry knowledge, has allowed us to build strong partnerships and connect top talent with leading companies.

With a rich history of success, we continue to evolve and shape the future of recruitment.

Work with us

Established with a commitment to quality over quantity, mbf emerged in 2012, aiming to redefine the industry norms. Our focus remains on delivering exceptional results, prioritising excellence in every interaction and placement we undertake.

In 2018, mbf proudly launched our General Insurance division, further expanding our expertise and services to cater specifically to the needs of the insurance industry.

In 2023, mbf embraced the evolving recruitment landscape and harnessed the power of AI, integrating it into our processes. This strategic move allowed us to leverage technology advancements and deliver even more efficient and effective results.